96 / music for a wednesday night



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here’s my half of the music that matt and i were working on tonight.  to me, the little baritone ukulele that i have sometimes sounds a lot like a piano.  this is the first piece of music that we’ve done in a while that has any kind of beat in it at all… i played it using a contact mic on a little suitcase using chopsticks as drum sticks. the rest was just ukulele and a little casio sk-5 played into a series of looping and delay pedals.  nothing too fancy. matt’s half sounded really good.  deep bass tones and looped fuzzy tremoloed keyboard. it’s definitely the most upbeat thing we’ve done for a long time… maybe since our album (iTunes link).

i can’t wait until we put it all together.

the photo is of the cherry tree in front of my house… it’s exploded since i took this video

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