88 / they meet under bridges




i noticed a few weeks ago on my way to work, that there was a shopping cart next to one of the supports under the fremont bridge. a few days later there was another one… then another… then another… now there are six shopping carts under the bridge in the same little area.  there are a two carts from target, two from home depot one from winco foods another from wild oats. none of which are stores that are anywhere near by. i guess as far as things go, if you were a shopping cart and you could find a little grassy spot under a tree in industrial north portland… why not meet up with some friends and hang out there.


this situation reminds me of these two things…

the first is my lonely objects post from february 28th. the last photo on the page was one of a single shopping cart peeking around the corner.

the second thing is this video that rob tyler made and i made the music for.  it’s an old one but i still like it.  it was just wurlitzer, bass synth pedal, xylophone, a field recording of the beeping carts from fred meyer and korg es-1 recorded to midi disc then edited with protools free.  i’m so glad that ableton live came along.


what a long post.

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