433 / from under a mountain of dust

so it’s been a long time since i last posted here. i have to thank marc weidenbaum for bringing to my attention just how long it has been. it has been a busy year… perhaps too busy. my goal for 2013 it to be much better about updating dust breeding regularly. i’m not going to say that it will be another thing-a-day year, but hopefully close.

to shake off the dust a little here is an almost-year-end post.

this is an excerpt of a show i played earlier this month at revival drum shop as part of the creative music guild‘s “outset” series. it was a really nice night. lorren chasse played first and the two of us overlapped our sets by a few minutes.

you can hear the pulsating buzz of snare drums throughout this recording. i was able to hit the right resonant notes to vibrate the drum heads along with the music. the it was something i had thought about playing around with and the result was really satisfying.  i would love to play in that room again and try to make use of more of the drums natural resonant qualities.

i recorded the whole show, maybe it will surface in some form early next year.



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