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i am very behind in posting new projects to dust breeding these days.  one of my new years resolutions to myself was to try to pick this back up. i’m not doing very well so far.

a little over a month ago Tench released a collection of tracks that first appeared in there original form here on dust breeding. it is called collected dust and has already received some great reviews.

here is some information from the Tench site.

“From January 2009 through January 2010, Marcus kept a blog called Dust Breeding to document the results of his goal to complete one creative project a day for 365 days. These projects included photographs, field recordings, design, illustration, sewing, videos, DIY electronics experiments and music. He reached his goal of one full year of daily entries and has continued to add entries over the last few years, though less frequently.

Each piece on Collected Dust first appeared in its original form on Dust Breeding. After being selected for this collection by M. Ostermeier, each piece was updated and refined further by Marcus. The patient, relflective, and peaceful style found on Collected Dust’s seven tracks inhabits a space somewhere near that of his debut CD for 12k, Monocoastal, which landed on many best-of-2010 lists, and his recent In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes collaboration with Taylor Deupree, who mastered this recording. ”


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