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it’s been a long time since devin + i made these recordings but we are happy to announce that they are now available for people to download from distance recordings.  we started working on this ep almost a year ago but didn’t get around to releasing it until this winter.  we also made a limited run of 100 CD EP’s. please get in touch with me if you would like a copy.

here is what futuresequence.com had to say about correspond:


Following the recent release of Monocoastal, a work widely regarded as one of 2010’s finest experimental albums, Future Sequence regular Marcus Fischer returns and is joined this time by another accomplished ambient musician, Cambridge, MA resident Devin Underwood. Underwood has produced several albums under his Specta Ciera moniker and his works have been made available from respected netlabels such as Audio Gourmet, Earth Mantra and Distance Recordings.

Correspond may be the first collaboration by Fischer and Underwood, but the chemistry between the pair is strong and their music feels like the work of a long-standing partnership rather than two musicians taking turns, as can befall many first ventures into collaboration. The pair complement each other’s strengths and the five beautiful ambient pieces here are awash in field recordings, glitches and natural reverb. The tracks are presented in the order they were completed and thus give the listener a clear narrative of the creative process at work.

Wind opens the release and those familiar with Underwood and Fischer’s work will recognise elements from both artists’ repertoire. A distinctively lo-fi sound flows in an effortless and organic fashion. Delay is used liberally and without care, whilst clicks, whirls and tape saturation lead to a sound steeped in nostalgia and almost familiar. Following numbers Smokey Halls and Snow On The Streets continue in this vein, Fischer and Underwood exploring with a gentle ease, both soothing and compelling.

Correspond is a excellent and enjoyable work which highlights and flatters each of the very talented pair’s many strengths. To offer such accomplished music for free seems shocking even to a listener accustomed to the depth and quality of the netlabel scene and one can only hope that Correspond will be only the first collaboration between Underwood and Fischer.

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