401 / 12k picks

here is a set of picks that i designed with taylor deupree for 12k.  taylor’s designs are of the 12k logo and a variation of the 12k disc icon (which some have told me reminds them of the blue monday single).   my two designs are of are of a tape loop strung up on a reel to reel recorder and of the record, play, pause and repeat icons.  i was in the middle of recording my full length album for 12k when taylor approached me with this idea and at the time  both of those designs were really meaningful to me. for the album i was using both tape loops and the play+record, pause buttons frequently. to me the repeat meant to repeat the whole process again and no so much repeat as in looping… but i’ll leave that up to the individual’s interpretation.

i’m sure to some the idea of a label known for electronic minimalism issuing guitar picks might seem strange… and i won’t try and read into taylor’s intent… but to me it feels like it just reflects the general desire that some electronic musicians have to move away from using the computer for both sound creation and manipulation.

pick up a guitar, plug in some effects pedals, make some beautiful noise. (repeat)

the picks come in a set of all 5 with this beautiful orange + black backing card that taylor designed.

only 100 sets were produced and they are available from the 12k shop under the objects section.

(photo by t.deupree, 2010)

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