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on august 25th, our daughter gemma turned ONE.

some might remember a bit of news from last year.  gemma was born nearly three months premature weighing less than 1.5lbs. she spent the next 11 weeks in the hospital growing and learning how to eat and breathe on her own. she is an amazingly tough little girl and has done so wonderfully well throughout her first year.  nicole and i couldn’t be happier.

she is the greatest.

we made her a cake and other treats for a little party that we threw for her this last weekend. i decorated the birthday cake and was very pleased with the outcome.  happy birthday gemma!


in other news, i’ve finally reached my 400th dust breeding post! i can’t believe that it took me over half a year to go from 365 to 400.  it’s not that i haven’t been starting new projects, in fact it has been just the opposite… i have had a lot of things in the works that i just haven’t been documenting.

by far the most exciting thing that i have been working on is a full length album for 12k. i have admired that label for a long, long time… to me they have the best overall aesthetic of any label out there… the music, the photography and the design all set the bar remarkably high.  i can’t even describe how happy (and amazed) i was when taylor deupree contacted me about possibly releasing an album on 12k.

the album is now getting close to being completed and should be available sometime in november.  i’m sure i will be talking a lot about it soon.

thanks again to everyone for their support.

p.s. take a look back before this post, i added two other entries for some projects at the same time as this one…

398 + 399

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