399 / full tilt

next week and as part of The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art‘s “Time Based Art” festival, unrecognizable now will be providing the score as well as designing and building the interactive component for both an art installation and a modern dance performance  entitled “blanket“.

the interactive component of both the installation and the performance will be a set of four soft sculptures by the artist danielle kelly that will be embedded with a set of tilt sensors (two in each sculpture). a few weeks back i completed this midi sensor box that will take in sensor information from eight tilt sensors and translate it to midi notes which will trigger different sounds inside the gallery/performance space.  the idea is for both the performer and visitors to the installation will be able to interact with these soft sculptures and be rewarded with the sounds extracted from the dance score.

here are a few photos of the sensor brain…

there are eight sensor inputs with corresponding indicator leds, midi input / output and a spot for 9v power supply.  the extra holes that i drilled below the leds were for potentiometers that would send midi cc messages but i did not complete that portion because they seemed unnecessary once i tested the rest of the device.  maybe i’ll add them back in someday for another project.

more information about PICA‘s T:BA festival to come.

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