384/ blipnome (bliptronic 5000 to monome conversion)


i finished soldering my bliptronic based monome clone on friday night. it was incredibly simple compared to my original monome 40h kit.  the hardest part of the 40h was all the tiny diodes that went between all 64 leds.  (so tiny that you have to use tweezers to place them) with the blipnome there is no need for any of that madness because you reuse the button board from the bliptronic.

i think that for me, the blipnome will be a great monome stand-in for just throwing in your bag on the go. the blipnome is really fun but is still no match for a genuine monome.  it is pretty much capable of all of the same functions but at the end of the day, a hand built, locally sourced piece of amazing minimalist design and craftsmanship it is not.

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