370 / broken spring reverb



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today i was attempting to clean out my basement (no easy task) when i unearthed my old pioneer tube spring reverb unit.  i used to use it extensively in the effects loop of my old tascam 4-track but over time it grew noisier and noiser over time until the input signal was barely audible.  i was kind of hoping that in the 10 years that it has been sitting around gathering dust that it somehow self-healed.  no such luck. the springs still sound great but no signal will pass through them anymore.

i did discover that i was able to rest my acoustic guitar on top of the reverb tanks and play through it that way.  the vibrations from the body of the guitar carry straight into the springs.  noisy but kind of beautiful in a way.

i will try and see if anyone in town will service it for me. if not, it is time to say good-bye.

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