366 / since you’ve been gone



hello again, it is good be back.

since my last post of year one i took a few weeks off and a funny thing happened…  i still kept working on creative projects everyday even without the commitment to posting them to this blog.  i still made music, made field recordings, took photos, sewed a felt monome cover… you know, business as usual.  i had some anxiety that when my year was up that i would lose the urge to keep creating.  i was quite relieved that it was not the case.

anyway, i’d like to welcome you to the start of year two of dust breeding.

above are some photos of what i have been up to while on my break.  i hope to keep things going and post something almost everyday this year. i’ve decided that if i miss a day or two here or there that i will be fine with it… i hope you will be too.

thanks again for all of the great support and kind words.


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