325 / midi-vidi (effect demo + gui)

(this video shows the midi velocity mapped to saturation, pixelate, zoom out, edges then a combination of all)

Screen shot 2009-12-08 at 12.24.23 AM

i posted about this a few days ago but have now wrapped it all up for public consumption.

Midi-Vidi allows you to control the playback of Quicktime videos with Midi inside of Ableton Live thanks to the magic of Max for Live.  Midi-Vidi divides your video into 12 equal parts based on the length of your video and assigns those parts to Midi notes.  There is also an effects section that allows you to map attributes such as velocity to some simple effects.

Midi-Vidi is based entirely on Cycling 74’s Jitter tutorial #26 with only minor modifications by me. I can’t take any credit for it’s construction.  I hope to use this as a jumping off point and make further modifications in the future to allow for more playability.


Download Midi-Vidi Max for Live plugin

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