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two things to post today…

tonight i started working on this little layout for an e.p. by he can jog from new york. it’s just a rough version at the moment. erik contacted me about wanting to use the image of my black capped chickadee for the cover.  was totally flattered that he asked me to do it.  if you are not yet familiar with his music i suggest that you give it a listen.  it’s beautiful stuff.

earlier today matt and i got to work mixing a bunch of bits of music that we’ve recorded over the past few weeks.  we were able to piece together four related but separate pieces to send off to yesenia in los angeles who is working on a great new documentary .  the pieces are pretty rough at this point but they are mostly just short examples.  yesenia was the editor on the last film score that we worked on back in the fall.  

here’s one of those short little bits…

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