224 / great people born today


today was another long hospital day. nicole is still amazing everyone with her progress. there were a few set backs with her health in the last few days but they all seem to be resolving. so far so good.

today was also the birthday of two amazing people that i know.  the first is my 92 year old grandfather back in the philippines, ernesto medrano. he is one of the warmest, kindest, most generous people that i have ever had the good fortune to know. i love him dearly and wish that we could be (geographically) closer. he has been such a wonderful father and grand father and friend to all of us in the extended medrano family.  when my mother first came to america he would write her two letters a week so that she wouldn’t feel alone and so far away.  i guess he kind of made writing letters to her his dust breeding.

the other member of the birthday club i could put into the warmest, kindest, generous category as well. she is maura… nicole closest friend since they were four years old. she has been so great to us over the last week. visiting everyday, checking on our cats back at home and just sitting quietly with nicole while she rests. she is an incredibly great calming force around these parts.  we were able to have a tiny birthday party for her today in the hospital. it was the least we could do for someone that has been such a help.

we are so lucky to have so many great friends that show their support every single day.

we love you all very much.

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