212 / quail + berry picking




a nice sunday.

i started the morning off by having another great drone session with ted + matt (maybe i’ll post some excerpts if people are interested) then went to a really nice bbq at the zerzan compound in Milwaukee  where i was able to scavenge a bowl of blackberries from the bushes around the property after two other groups of pickers had already swept through.  i guess being tall with long reaching arms really comes in handy sometimes.

nicole and i also went on a nice evening stroll around the neighborhood. there were a lot of cute cats hanging out on porches but none of them came down to say hi to us.

here is a new letraset animal that made tonight.  he is a chubby little quail.  it’s been a while since i last posted one. i’m hoping to get back into it again once summer is over.

anyway… back to work tomorrow.  where does the weekend go?


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