202 / tracking


i tried again (with mixed results) to work with the trackmate software to do some motion controlled music experiments.  i think i need to come up with a better light source for my set-up. i think it is much too bright and the computer/camera is having a hard time adjusting.  has anyone reading this had any trackmate success?  please give me some tips.

on a more positive note…

one of my songs has just been released as part of an ambient compilation put out by public spaces lab from barcelona.  i have the honor of being the artist whose piece of music starts the whole thing off.  the album is called ceci n’est pas une pipe and you can download it for free here. it has some beautifully designed artwork that you can print and assemble yourself.  please check it out… there are a lot of really good pieces of music on there.

thank-you public spaces lab!

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