193 / template for future 3″ e.p.

07_2807_28-207_28-3i’ve been toying with the idea of making a new little 3″ cd ep for a while.  i made one for a show that i played with christopher willits a few years back that just had a few songs and one excerpt from a live show on it.  people seemed to really like that it was a cute little thing.  i think for a new one i would just try and collect my favorite pieces that i’ve posted on this blog and try and re-work them so that they flow together smoothly.

the packaging that i’ve designed would be a folding paper sleeve… maybe letterpressed with the relevant information and a photo stuck to the outside.  i made this little template out of chipboard so that i could cut and fold the paper easily.  i’m not sure how many i would actually make…. we’ll see how much work it ends up being and how many people seem interested.

i’ll keep you up to date on the progress as it goes.

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