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this weekend i past the half-way point of this blog project.  it’s a strange feeling.  i am super happy that i have made it so far into my goal and it has been so much fun to push myself to be more productive (creatively) but then i am kind of sad that now it’s all winding down.  i know that’s silly because there is still a long way to go before i finish this project.

i guess it’s just the question of “then what?” that’s looming out there.

thanks to everyone for being so supportive of all my little projects especially nicole, maura, brian, modi, jon, james and everyone else that leaves me their words of encouragement. you guys are great.

thanks also to jolayne for writing a little feature on her website about this blog several times (the most recent being this weekend)

the photo above is from a trial run that i did today of one of my sound boxes.  it sounded pretty good. quiet, but good.

here is a little piece of music that i put together using a toy melodica (that looks like a little red clarinet) and a field recording of my neighborhood on my morning walk to get coffee.  hope you like it.

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(or if you don’t have flash… http://tr.im/dust184)

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