175 / dust breeding plugin


i know i’ve mentioned it many times throughout the life of this website….  i built this granular delay plugin a few years back and have been using it in an unfinished state ever since.  i wind up using it on nearly everything i do.  i love using it to get random and chaotic textures and for processing field recordings.  the version that i use all the time has a lot of added features that i never wind up using… so i decided to trim the fat and clean up some of the guts.  i wrapped it up all in a simple GUI and called it done.

so here it is…

the dust breeding granular stereo delay plugin.  you will first need to install the program sonicbirth before you can use it in your favorite mac osx audio unit host. then you can just drop it in your components folder like the rest of your AU’s.  if you aren’t familiar with sonicbirth, it’s a really handy open source program for building your own audio unit plugins.  there are a whole bunch of pre-built  audio building blocks (like delays, filters and buffers) along with the usual math related stuff.  it’s kind of like the my first sony version of max/msp.

give it a try and let me know if you need help figuring it out.  special thanks to bill vanloo for giving me the kick in the butt that i needed to polish it up and set it free.


EDIT: i’m taking this one offline for a bit while i work on a new version. there are some cpu issues and some of the parameters have ranges much too broad to be immediately useable by the average user.  i will try and have it back soon but no promises :) 07/27/09

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