160 / he is the walrus



here’s my first attempt at a walrus. tusks, whiskers and all.  once again it has been a while since i made one of these little letraset  animals… but i think i’ve become better at jumping back into it. getting started is always the hardest part.

a few weeks back my friend joe ryckebosch and i got to talking about a the possibility of a collaboration. joe makes really amazing art from old chartpak graphic tape (you really have to see it in person to appreciate the level detail he puts into it) and i have been making these creatures from old letraset transfers…  each one of our chosen media are obsolete graphic design tools that are now being re-used in way they were never intended.

at some point, we would really love to do a show somewhere together displaying some of our work and possibly collaborating on some pieces that would incorporate both the tape and the letters.  i would love it.

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