150 / junior




i finally got around to finishing off this new music box enclosure.  it’s the junior version of my classic music box.  i made it from a wooden container that i found at ikea a long time ago.  i first noticed it because it reminded me so much of the box i built for my old one (…even down to the card slot with the rounded edges). when nicole and i found a mini version to the same music box movement down in silverlake, i knew it would be the perfect size.  where i had installed a guitar pickup in the larger music box i opted for a simple contact mic in this version.  it sounds great.  i’ll post a recording soon.  

today marks my 150th creative-thing-a-day post.  it feels pretty good to have made it this far.  


speaking of thing-a-day projects…. jon (a fellow portlander + monome-ist) and his sister have each started their own thing-a-day blogs.  jon is not ever a week into it and has already posted some great music + his own music box related project.  please check these sites out…