145 / paper + thread




when i was clearing out a bunch of stuff from our 2nd bedroom/office last week i happened to unearth a cd ep that i designed and made years ago.  it was for a band here in portland that i played drums in for +1 year called nordic.  the covers were silk screened, letterpressed and sewn. it was quite a production.  the white snowy area was a silk screen. the igloo and text (front and back) were letterpressed… and the edges were sewn shut with a nice zig-zag stitch.

finding this ep made me want to experiment with sewing paper again. my mom used to give me sheets of paper to mess around with and sew when i was a kid.  it was a lot of fun, plus it got me pretty comfortable  with using a sewing machine.  here are a few paper and thread tests.  nothing too fancy, just adjusting things to get the stitching to work right.  the nordic ep is the piece on the lower right.

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