137 / big brother



it was a long hard battle… but i finally finished this custom cover for a 40h kit.  i’ve made a few 40h covers before so i really don’t know why this one was so tough to make…  it took me about 2 hours longer than normal.  i guess on thing is that the 40h kits are always different. it looks really huge compared to the standard 64 cover. you can see the size difference in the second photo.  this 40h cover will be sent off to vinay in killara, australia tomorrow.  i think it turned out really well. i hope he likes it. 

tonight i also finished up the audio for my lantern. it was pretty easy to load the sound files onto it because of the easy access to the usb port on top.  i think kathan is delivering it to store for a month tomorrow.  i hope people will be able to hear it inside the store.  we shall see.

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