131 / bringing it back


years ago before i ever owned a sampler or a laptop, i made all my digital loops using this old boss pedal.  the rv-3 is a reverb + delay pedal that lets you loop using the delay with the feedback turned up all the way… it is pretty much just an infinite repeat that you can keep layering stuff on top of.  if you turn the time knob while it plays back, you get this really choppy/stuttery effect that i really love.  i used it to make a ton of the percussive loops on in a cave or a coma (itunes link).  over the 12+ years that i’ve had it, the rv-3 has gotten noisier and more unpredictable.  i kind of like that about it.

here’s a little track i made just using a baritone ukulele + the rv-3. 


if you are on a machine that doesn’t have flash (like an iphone) you can listen here. otherwise…

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