124 / waiting for things to start happening




i finally got my laptop back from apple.  after a lot of odd repairs i am now having to restore the hard drive from a recent back up.  so far i’ve already had one unsuccessful attempt.  it was in the final stages of restoration when the system just froze up and stopped working.  i’m on my second attempt and the progress bar is moving pretty slowly.  fingers crossed… i hope it works this time.  i’m kind of just waiting around to see what happens at this point.

i had a nice music session with matt tonight.  we in the early stages of getting some material together to make another full length album.  we want to try and do a more sight specific recordings and environmental sampling.  who knows what will happen. i’m just glad that we are excited to start something new.

the thing on the upper right is a new (used) little compact midi controller that i just got from a fellow named john in tacoma.  it’s pretty nice little box covered in leds and knobs. it seems like it will be a good companion for the monome in a live setting.  i look forward to using it (if my laptop ever comes back from the dead)


(update: as of this morning everything looks like it is working fine.  even my cluttered desktop is just as i left it. i hope that everything else is still intact)

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