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here are a few more custom monome covers i finished tonight. the small one on the left is for paul in ft. collins, co. the one one the right is for jonathan in new york, ny.  jonathan opted for a rectangular back pocket on the 128 cover.  this is something that i had thought of doing in the original design but had decided to leave it out and instead offer it as a custom option.  i didn’t photograph the last pocketed 128 that i made so i’m happy that i had time to shoot this one.

orders for the monome covers have been slowing down a bit lately which actually works out well for me.  my supply of the thick felt that i use for the main body of the covers is running very low. i have been trying to decide if i should re-order more felt and keep the one man sweatshop running or to cease production once my current felt supply runs dry.  there are pros and cons to both.  i really like making them and getting to know (albeit briefly) people from around the world that get in touch with me… all of my interactions have certainly reinforced my belief that people in the monome community (not only have great taste in felt monome covers.. but) are some of the nicest and most supportive people around.

another thing that i’ve discussed with people is to do away with the custom options and instead produce batches of them in different color combinations and let people order from whatever stock i have available at the time.  that way i could just spend some time making a bunch of them at once and not have to worry about making one here and there as the orders come in.   for me the worst part of making the monome covers is the time that passes between receiving an order and the cover being delivered.  i really don’t like holding on to people’s money.  it makes me nervous… i always feel like i have to start sewing the moment i get the email that a payment has been sent.  maybe letting people order from the covers i have on hand would help relieve some of that stress.  


i don’t know… is there anybody out there that has an opinion on what they would like to see happen?

(sorry about the rambling.  i should go to bed now. it’s late + i have an early call time tomorrow.)

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