118 / combo sideman




after the failed attempt at fixing music equipment with brian the other night. i had to try to revive something form the music gear graveyard.


i finally got around to fixing the output jack on this old drum machine.  the connection was really intermittent and would sometimes also cause the tempo to increase.  i also went trough and tuned the bass drum sound to a nice boomy setting. to me the layout of all of the components inside is really a work of art. it looks like a strange craft project with a hand drawn circuit board + all of the resistors standing upright.  they just don’t make ‘em like they used to.

this drum machine was given to me years ago by joe, along with a big box of all sorts of other random electronics. that box of parts fueled many experiments over the years… but the combo sideman is pretty much all that remains.  i think it might have been used by slim in witchypoo before joe had it… he told me once but i can’t quite remember.

i also sewed up another felt monome cover tonight.  this one is a 128 cover for markus zorn in berlin, germany.  i hope he likes it. i think it turned out pretty well.



i just saw this… it looks like the combo sideman it related to the donkamatic.

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