116 / teeth + designed for failure


off to the dentist tomorrow for a cleaning/check-up.  even though i really like the dentist that i go to now, i still dread going.  it’s never a really bad or painful experience… it is just something that i really don’t enjoy doing.  i’m pretty sure i have a cavity that will need to be fixed at some point.  they showed it to me at my last check up… but that was in the middle of ‘arctic blast 2008′ and we never made plans to have it filled.


has anyone reading this ever successfully disassembled and then reassembled a shure sm57 microphone?  brian and i had plans for a soldering party tonight to fix broken music equipment. first on the list was his broken sm57. we soldered it up and nothing…

it turns out that the microphone capsule is only wired in using two tiny single strand wires that are obscured by a two 1/8″ strips of yellow tape. the wires are so small that they are fractured into a million tiny pieces if the tape peels off. the design pretty much guarantees that you will ruin your microphone if you open it up and try to fix it yourself.  we only discovered that once my sm57 gave up it’s life to try and help us understand where we had gone wrong with brian’s.

needless to say… the soldering party ended in tragedy, with more dead musical equipment. 


 somedays you just can’t win.

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