112 / fake tape loops



what a long week.  today was pretty jam packed… early call time for a video shoot with rob and a late meeting downtown.  they were all good things (but tiring).

i made some little paintings of unspooled tape. i used to make long loops of 1/4″ tape that would go from one side of my house to the other with two reel to reels on the same loop. it was pretty fun to make really long delays like that but the tape would often wind up in piles like this on my floor when the tension between the two machines would snap it.

the orange cassette tape painting is just me revising an old t-shirt idea.

matt and i made some tape loops a few years back that made up the bones of this song that we performed at holocene a few years back.  like so much of our stuff, we never recorded an official version… just a live one.   it’s about 25 min long with guitars, midi’d up drum set, music box, laptop and xylophones.

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download (29mb)

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