109 / outdoor voices



last year i started gathering some pieces to put together an outdoor guerrilla sound art installation in a small neighborhood park.  i dragged my feet and didn’t get it finished before the rain set in. this year i have to finish it.  

my idea was to build small speaker boxes that could be hidden in the branches of a tree or inside a bush.  each box will contain a small digital voice recorder connected to a compact speaker that will play back a 20sec loop of sound.   at the moment i have six of these 20 second recorders and an inexpensive rca mp3 player (for longer loops).   part of the original idea was to use field recordings of things that don’t exist in close proximity to the park along with short bits of guitar and xylophone.  i’m not sure if i’m going to stick with that idea or not.  i might try and compose a 20 second song and divide the different instruments among the boxes… letting them fall in and out of sync.

we’ll see.  i’m sure i will post more about it soon.

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