104 / buffing




it was a nice sunny day in portland today.  it was the perfect opportunity to get out of the photo studio and do some painting… buffing graffiti that is.  back in the late 90’s when i lived in olympia, my friend  avalon kalin and i had some long discussions about graffiti-masking (what we called it before we found out that ‘buffing’ was the correct term).  avalon’s ideas on graffiti masking later became the basis of a film called  the subconscious art of graffiti removal (excerpt) by matt mccormick.  the part of graffiti buffing that always intrigued me the most was the possibility that you could covertly paint these abstract geometric shapes in areas that were routinely graffitied and see if someone would then buff your buff.  is graffiti only objectionable to property owners if it contains words or identifiable shapes and pictures?  

i have yet to try this experiment out even after 10 years of pondering.  maybe i will get around to it someday are report the results back here.  until then you can check out the buffing archive blog that i am a contributer to.


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