july 17th | pehrspace | echo park, ca

signal hill

unrecognizable now




july 19th | TONALISM | santa monica pier, ca + SASSAS present 

TONALISM | ambient music from 7pm to 7am

live music by

Albert Ortega, Steve Roden, Unrecognizable Now (9pm) and White Rainbow


Frosty, Carlos Nino, Hoseh, Jimmy Tamborello (dntel/postal service), Sam Cooper, Katie Byron, Ale (languis) and Part Time Punks DJ Michael Stock

live video by

Jessica Bronson, Cal Crawford, Carole Kim and Matt Sheridan

A dusk-to-dawn collaboration between DUBLAB and SASSAS.  

Inspired by La Monte Young’s Dream House as well as the work of musicians and composers such as Terry Riley, Yoko Ono and John Cage, Tonalism combines harmonious textures with visual elements to create an atmosphere where the audience is encouraged to bring pillows, cushions and sleeping bags to lay down, listen and watch for an extended period of time. DJs, live musicians and VJs play and perform throughout the night; starting at sunset and ending at sunrise. Complimentary tea and water are provided to all who attend.