Unrecognizable Now are a Portland, Oregon duo that mixes live instrumentation with laptops and electronics to create unique music often described as cinematic. Each song is constructed from bits of found sounds and basement recordings reworked to form cohesive compositions. Guitars mix with sine waves, drumbeats are built from chance sounds and stuttering delays while melodies float in and out of focus. The songs move fluidly from one place to another, evolving and never returning to where they started. The two members of the group, Marc Fischer and Matt Jones, rely heavily on their skills as multi-instrumentalists and improvisors for both recordings and live performances.
In 2004, the group began a collaboration with Portland filmmaker Rob Tyler. As an experiment, Unrecognizable Now were given several of Tyler’s experimental films to score. The interplay between the music and films complemented one another and the collaboration continues.
In early 2006, Fischer, Tyler, and Jones curated the first in a series of audio/visual events entitled ‘Vision + Hearing’. Exploring the close relationship between sight and sound has become a major focus for the group.
Unrecognizable Now’s debut album, In a Cave or a Coma, was released on the Pehr Label in mid 2006. The album, an enhanced CD, features 10 songs plus a short film by Rob Tyler with music by Unrecognizable Now.
In the summer of 2008 Fischer and Jones performed a 45min piece entitled for sleeping it off piece at SASSAS + Dublab.com‘s all-night-long ambient audio/visual showcase, TONALISM event for Glow, Los Angeles’ largest art festival.
for sleeping it off was released as a limited edition of 100 CDs to commemorate the performance and is now only available as a digital download.

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